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Terrorist Euphemisms
By Christian Prisacarou
Friday, March 26, 2004

A terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist, but don't expect that objective reality to be recognized or even mentioned by many politically correct media organizations. These media outlets are supposed to be "reporting" the news, not censoring it, editorializing it, or re-inventing it. Unfortunately, rather than stick with the facts, these organizations are busy engaging in an euphemism war the likes of which would make any communist or fascist propaganda chief proud.

A "euphemism" is defined as "substituting an agreeable or inoffensive expression to replace one that might offend or suggest something unpleasant, for example, "he has moved on" is a euphemism for "he is dead." Such tactics have been employed for decades by fascist and communist societies and leaders to help disguise and soften their messages and fool their people into tolerating or agreeing with their twisted ideology. Only after these political groups suckered the masses, seized control of their societies, and completely subjugated their people, did the true horror of such ideologies came to light; but by then it was too late. The falsehood had already been distributed as truth and too many of their citizens had already been subjugated.

Unfortunately, I am seeing more of that same kind of euphemism war being waged by the mainstream media and its left-loving and totalitarianism-embracing reporters. Just like their fascist and communist counterparts, these reporters are continually adjusting the message to hide the objective truth and reality of terrorism. I am afraid that such an approach will have a similar effect on our society and bring about dire consequences by shielding us from the danger and horror that will increasingly come our way. I believe, such euphemisms will soften our resolve to react and defend ourselves from such evil.

News organizations like Reuters and the Associated Press have always referred to Hamas as a "militant" group despite the fact that our own State Department has very clearly and categorically classified Hamas as a terrorist organization. AP and Reuters have also used similar euphemisms when referring to other leftist and terrorist groups around the world.

CNN is not much better and is instead choosing to call Hamas an "Islamic fundamentalist group" or an "Islamic fundamentalist organization", in addition to following AP's lead and also labeling Hamas members as "militants" and Iraqi murderers as "insurgents" or "rebels" in many of its news stories.

Even if this euphemism war was mainly confined to AP, Reuters, and CNN, media outlets that are known to be biased and subjective in their reporting, it would be bad enough. However, a quick survey of dozens of news stories from CBS, NBC, and ABC also reveals a very similar and equally troubling bias. All of these news organizations continue to refer to Islamic radical terrorists as "militants" and "insurgents", never once using the more correct definition of "terrorists", "murderers", or "criminal radicals."

Despite the clear and obvious realities of terrorist acts and their horrible consequences, these outlets have yet to admit and report it as such and continue to pump out news stories that present a softened and misleading reality to the public. This virtual tsunami of euphemisms and moral relativistic propaganda reminds me of the similar communist tactics I witnessed in my youth growing up behind the Iron Curtain. Only in this case, we have a free people living in a democratic society voluntarily choosing to use those very freedoms to lie, deceive, and undermine the very societies that guarantees them that right.

The self-censorship and purposeful deception of these news organizations results in a slow brainwashing effect on the American public and is gradually chilling the political resolve to eradicate and fight such terrorist groups and individuals. Furthremore, this kind of reporting sends a strong signal to the world and also to the terrorists themselves that tolerance of evil and acceptance of radical ideologies is becoming more "normalized" and commonplace in free societies.

So let's get one thing clear .... These people are TERRORISTS, not "rebels", "insurgents", "militants", or "ethnic Albanians." These organizations are TERRORIST Organizations, not "Islamic movements", "Islamic groups", "political parties", or "liberation organizations." These acts are TERRORIST acts, not "resistance movements", "insurgent activities", or "political actions." Let's not allow these folks to keep "re-clothing" evil as something else.

I am afraid that the loss of almost 3,000 innocent lives on 9/11 is not enough to exemplify the absolute danger we're facing and make the liberals understand. Terrorists will not stop! Theirs is a culture that embraces death and glorifies terror. They have sworn total destruction of anything and anyone they disagree with. There is no possible compromise with such evil. No treaty or resolution in the world will prevent them from continuing their terrorist acts. Nothing we do will stop these radical murderers from continuing to hate us and work to destroy us. It's time we faced that reality and stop living in fantasy land.

I am very afraid that only another 30,000 or 300,000 more "casualties" will eventually wake some of us to the reality of the massive evil and hatred these Radical Islamic Terrorists are capable of and willing to engage in. Maybe then these reporters and news anchors at Reuters, AP, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC will finally get the point, get off their high horses, drop the ideological filters and wholesale bias, and call a terrorist a TERRORIST. Don't bet on it though! If 100 million lives lost to communism has not sent a message to them, nothing will.

It is time for us to stop tolerating the lies, deceit, misrepresentations, and bias coming out of AP, Reuters, CNN, CBS, etc. and tune them out! Let's show them how freedom can also be used to respond to such propaganda and let's help them go out of business a little quicker!

I have included below a few excerpts from various AP and Reuters news stories released just in the last 24 hours for your quick and easy reference and to support my arguments:

Rebels Blow Up an Oil Well in North Iraq - March 26, 2004
By Daniel Cooney, Associated Press

Insurgents bombed an oil well in northern Iraq, sparking a fire that raged for 24 hours before being extinguished, a senior Iraqi security official said. West of Baghdad, U.S. Marines and gunmen fought an hour-long battle Friday that left four Iraqis dead and six wounded, a doctor said.

The fighting occurred in the town of Fallujah in the so-called Sunni Triangle, where support for Saddam Hussein was strong and rebels often carry out attacks against American forces...

Two Hamas militants killed in failed attack - March 26, 2004
Agence France Presse

Two Palestinian militants from the radical Hamas movement who swam up to a bloc of Jewish settlements in the southern Gaza Strip were killed by Israeli soldiers overnight, sources on both sides said...

Palestinians: U.S. veto gives Israel licence to kill - March 26, 2004
By Nidal al-Mughrabi, Reuters

In the town of Sheikh Radwan in the Gaza Strip, about 2,000 Hamas supporters and armed militants vowed to steps up suicide bombings in Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa, where dozens of Israelis have been killed in such attacks.

"Hundreds of martyrs-in-waiting are ready to turn Israel's life into hell," they shouted, adding that Hamas militants were "eager to explode into shrapnel and destroy the enemies of God".

In the West Bank city of Nablus, a car exploded, killing a 22-year-old militant who was apparently rigging it as a bomb....

Hamas Threatens Response to Yassin Death - March 25, 2004
By Husseing Dakroub, Associated Press

The Palestinian militant group Hamas on Thursday threatened "an earthshaking response" against Israel for the assassination of the militant group's founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin.

"Oh, masses of our Arab and Islamic nation, the sons of the struggling and steadfast Palestinian people in Palestine," the statement said, "the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades promise you that they will carry out a strong, earthshaking response and make the sons of monkeys and pigs taste a painful death in retaliation for the blood of our struggling people and the blood of our leaders, at the top of whom is the holy warrior and martyr Sheik Ahmed Yassin, may God have mercy on him."...