Without a Sense of Moral Order Man Cannot Attain Any Order

Without a Sense of Moral Order Man Cannot Attain Any Orderby Chris Banescu –

The enduring and Christ-centered wisdom of Malcolm Muggeridge reminds us why the world around us is such a big mess, especially in the West. The main source of our troubles is the loss of our moral order — anchored in and supported by God — without which no other order can be attained.

“It’s good and evil after all that provide the theme of the drama of our mortal existence. In this sense you might capture them [enlighten them] with the positive and negative points that generate an electric current. Transpose the points and the current fails, the lights go out, darkness falls and all is confusion.

What I wish to put to you here is that the darkness falling on our civilization is likewise due to a transposition of good and evil. In other words, that we are suffering not from an energy crisis or an over-population crisis or an unemployment crisis – from none of these ills that are commonly specified. The root cause of trouble is that we have lost our sense of moral order in the universe without which no order whatsoever, economic, social, political is attainable.

For Christians of course this moral order is derived from that terrific moment when, as it is so splendidly put in the wisdom of Solomon “while all things were in quiet silence and that night was in the midst of her swift course, Thine almighty word leaped down from heaven out of Thy royal throne, leaped down to dwell among us full of grace and truth.”

It was thus that our western civilisation came into existence, deriving not from Darwin’s origin of the species, not from the Communist manifesto, or even the American Declaration of Independence, but from the great drama of the Incarnation as conveyed in the New Testament.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge

Without a Sense of Moral Order Man Cannot Attain Any Order

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