Lord, Help Me Be Decisive

Monahia Siluana Vlad, Mother Siluana Vladby Chris Banescu –

How can we become decisive, to know what we need to do?

We should ask God what to do and ask Him for decisiveness. There is no other way. Otherwise, we will be resolute one month, and after one month, we can fall worse than before. This is the work of the enemy [the devil] when we start working without God. Without the Lord we can do nothing. Nothing!

We must start from where we are, from our helplessness, not from the height of our desires. A true Christian makes the sign of the Cross all day long, in every place and in all work. Why? So he can start with God and His power, and not rely solely on our helplessness.

We wonder why we can’t do something. This is a sign of faithlessness. We should wonder why we ever thought possible to do something without God’s help!

Therefore, make the sign of the Cross and say: “Lord, help me be decisive!” And stop thinking about whether we are resolute or not, but cry out to the Lord so we can be with Him and in Him!

Translated excerpts din “Monahia Siluana Vlad, Meșteșugul bucuriei, Ed. Doxologia, 2009, p. 139.” Brief edits made for style and flow.

HT: Moldova Ortodoxa