The Parable of the Atheist and the Globe

Parable of the Atheist and the Globeby Elizabeth Banescu –

An atheist professor was on vacation exploring a town. He walked inside an Orthodox church and heard the priest teaching a Sunday class. The priest was explaining to the children how God created the whole universe, the solar system, and the earth.

The professor listened and when the class was over, approached the priest. “Father,” he began. “You still believe those children’s fairytales about some imaginary “god” who created the world and rules over everything in it?” The priest looked up from his notes. “Well, yes, of course we do. It’s certainly not a child’s tale,” he replied. The atheist smirked, “I thought so.” He then turned to leave.

But, as he was walking away something caught his eye. There on top of the pew, he saw the most beautiful globe. It had an intricate stand of silver, with oceans of blue stone, and the different continents and countries were fashioned out of various colorful gem stones. A ray of sunshine streaming through the window made the globe sparkle. It was magnificently crafted, thought the professor.

“Father,” the atheist gasped. “Who made this beautiful globe?”

The Orthodox priest looked at the man, a gentle smile beginning to form on his face. “Oh, it made itself,” he replied.

“Father, that’s crazy! Preposterous! Only a fool would believe this detailed globe made itself,” said the professor.

“Sure it can. Give it a couple of million years and it very easily could,” explained the priest.

“Father, that’s impossible! Even in ten billion, no, a hundred billion years that globe could not make itself. It’s impossible. Only a fool would believe such a thing,” the atheist protested.

The priest’s whimsical smile broadened. “If you believe this little handcrafted globe cannot make itself, how it is that you believe that the earth, the globe we live on, a planet that is trillions of times more complex, complicated, and beautifully designed, made itself? Did you not just tell me that only a fool would believe such a preposterous idea?”

The professor was speechless. Lowering his gaze, he turned around and walked out of the church. Descending in silence the steps of the church, he realized he was the real fool.


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