Orthodox Deafening Silence on 2004 Elections

by Chris Banescu

A deafening silence on vital election matters seems to have engulfed most of the Orthodox Christian Churches in America. As one of the most monumental elections in our nation’s history approaches, with two candidates that hold sharply contrasting views on key moral issues, there are little if any official declarations or concrete guidance coming from any of the Orthodox Christian jurisdictions in the United States.

While Orthodox Christians may disagree how best to approach a variety of social and cultural issues, there are many key moral principles on which the Holy Orthodox Church offers no compromise. The Church has spoken consistently, definitively, and strongly for over two millennia in defense of innocence and in unconditional support of the sanctity of life and marriage. Specifically the Orthodox Church does not condone any form of abortion, especially partial-birth abortion, does not permit euthanasia, does not allow or recognize homosexual “marriage” and does not support embryonic stem cells research or human cloning. [Read more…]

Exposing Intellectual Morons

Interview with Daniel Flynn, author of Intellectual Morons book
by Chris Banescu

In his new book, Intellectual Morons, Daniel Flynn exposes the dangers of blindly following intellectual elites who support and promote idiotic ideas and theories. Chris Banescu, who recently wrote the review of the book, interviewed Flynn about the origins of the material and the impact its revelations will have on our culture.

Chris Banescu: What inspired you to write this book?
Daniel Flynn: My goal in writing Intellectual Morons is to get more people to think with their brain rather than their ideology. By exposing ideologically-inspired hoaxes and frauds, the book not only rebuts falsehood but helps immunize readers against future frauds and hoaxes by putting them on alert.

The phenomenon of intellectuals justifying dishonesty when it serves their agenda inspired me to write Intellectual Morons. As evidenced by the mottoes of countless universities (Yale: lex et veritas, Harvard: veritas), truth is (was?) the sine qua non of scholars. For too many intellectuals, political concerns now override truth. [Read more…]

Intellectual Morons – How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas

Intellectual Morons Banescu book reviewBook Review by Chris Banescu
When ideology is your religion and truth becomes just a matter of opinion, anything goes. “There is great danger when lies are institutionalized as truth,” asserts Daniel J. Flynn.

In his new book, Intellectual Morons, Flynn provides us with abundant examples of dangerous ideas that intellectual “gurus” have dreamt up and convinced others to embrace. He exposes a number of cognitive elites whose “idiotic theories, beliefs, and opinions” have attained mythological status, despite the lack of objective and rational analysis of these ideologies’ origins and implications. In lifting the veil of secrecy and ignorance surrounding these individuals, Flynn provides a clear and sobering look into the madness and hypocrisy lurking in the minds and pasts of these demagogues.

Intellectual dishonesty and duplicity exist across the ideological spectrum, alleges Flynn. He argues that the problem is not so much a political leaning as a lack of rational thought and ignorance of the truth. However, with such a large volume of lunacy coming from the Left, Flynn cannot be faulted for including many more examples of liberal idiocy in his analysis. [Read more…]

A Hard Lesson on Home Schools

by Chris Banescu
This June, my wife and I had the privilege of attending the high school graduation ceremonies of several home-schooled youngsters. These events not only impressed us with references to Christian traditions, family values, and heavenly music; they opened our eyes and hearts to the possibility of home schooling. Student after student spoke with such eloquence, maturity, and depth of spirit, that many times tears flowed freely both on stage and in the audience.

Like most parents, my wife and I want to provide our daughter with the best possible education. So despite the fact that she is still too young for elementary school, we have given considerable thought to the various choices. While originally home schooling was not our favored option, the graduation ceremonies piqued our interest. [Read more…]

PETA’s ‘Holocaust on Your Plate’ Campaign Sinks to a New Low

by Chris Banescu

In its latest assault on common decency, human exceptionalism, and common sense, the leftist lunatics at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization, via their latest “The Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign, are asserting that eating chicken or any other meat for supper is the moral equivalent of sending people to the gas chamber.

On the site specifically dedicated to spelling out PETA’s new propaganda campaign the lunacy of the message becomes evident from the very first page:

“Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer first noted the disturbing similarity between the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust and that of animals raised for food… In several of his stories, he draws an analogy between the slaughter of animals and the slaughter of Jews at the hands of Nazis.”

One wonders if Mr. Singer’s point was that the 13 million killed in concentration camps were slaughtered like animals, and not that animals are no different than people. [Read more…]

The Haves and The Have Nots

The Haves and The Have Nots Communism Killsby Chris Banescu

“The Haves and the Have Nots” is a very common phrase used often in the mainstream of American society and in the social and political discourse; many times by Christians trying to equate its meaning with the Christian principles of charity and caring for the poor. You hear it being used constantly in newspaper and magazine articles, on television and cable news shows, in university lecture halls, in congressional, presidential and other political debates, and even in many religious circles. Yet few people realize and understand that this very same phrase and its implications come from a different time and place. The origins of this seemingly benign comment come from an ideological past rife with violence, murder, terror, and mayhem.

The birthplace of this phrase is a past drenched with the blood of countless innocents tortured, enslaved, imprisoned, and sacrificed in the pursuit of punishing the “haves” at the hands of the “have nots” and allegedly trying to even out the imbalance between the rich and the poor. The expression was used and continues to be used by communist revolutionaries as they sought and many still seek to sow the seeds of envy among their people, stoke the fires of revolution, and incite civil wars based on jealousy and resentment between economic and social classes. [Read more…]