Church Groups Foggy Up Stem Cell Initiative

by Chris Banescu

Another campaign of stem cell disinformation and misdirection is in full swing in California. The sponsors of Proposition 71, the “California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act,” are promoting a measure that would allow researchers a constitutional right to experiment on embryonic stem cells, and equip them with almost $3 billion in public funds. The drafters of this initiative have cunningly phrased their proposition to purposely avoid using the words “embryo” or “embryonic.” Hoping to obfuscate the real biological issues at hand, supporters of Proposition 71 are deliberately trying to circumvent an honest debate on the issues and legalize research on human embryos without the public’s full understanding of the truth.

On July 8, the California Council of Churches issued a press release titled “California Church IMPACT Endorses Proposition 71.” The announcement touted the measure — slated to appear on the November 2004 ballot — as providing much needed funds and support for “the development of lifesaving therapies and cures for diseases that could save the lives of millions of California children and adults.” [Read more…]