French Socialists: Unfair That Some Children Have Good Parents

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Socialist French President François Hollande is unhappy with the “inequality” of education in his country. He thinks it’s unfair that some children get schoolwork help from their parents at home while others don’t. To address this perceived injustice Hollande plans to ban all homework in French schools and force all students to complete their work at school. In typical socialist fashion he wants to “foster educational equality” not by raising performance standards and increasing educational opportunities for everyone, but by punishing those children whose parents take an interest in their education and dare support them at home.

As reported by France 24, President François Hollande of France pledged last week “to ditch homework” for all French children as part of his latest socialist reforms. His wide-ranging changes are “aimed at improving standards for over-worked French pupils, especially those in disadvantaged areas.” Hollande justified his actions by claiming that an “education program is, by definition, a societal program. Work should be done at school, rather than at home, in order to foster educational equality for those students who do not have support at home.”

The socialists in France believe “it takes a village”, and only a village, to educate a child. Parents have no business butting in. Families should not give their progeny any educational advantages outside of the school confines. This is, after all, the birthplace of socialist and communist ideologies. Bourgeois principles such as traditional families, involved and caring parents, individual achievement, personal responsibility and accountability, and the ability to freely pursue one’s dreams cannot be tolerated.

socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery

Staying true to his socialist roots President Hollande is promoting the “equality of outcomes” mentality that underscores the envy of other and class hatred themes so prevalent in Marxism. Rather than strive to implement the more ethical, just, and fair “equality of opportunities” ideal, leftist politicians would rather sacrifice the educational opportunities and welfare of all French children in the interests of the socialist definition of “equality.”

This latest education reform spectacle in France showcases the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of socialism. In the delusional view of leftist ideologues, good parents and stable families have no right to support their offspring’s education. Their children must be prevented from unfairly getting any educational advantages over other students from “disadvantaged” households. However, parents who are derelict in their duties and fail to educate their children will be protected and rewarded by the state.

As Winston Churchill so rightly proclaimed and as millions of French citizens will again experience firsthand “socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

France’s Hollande promises pupils ‘no more homework’
10/11/2012 – France 24

French President François Hollande pledged to ditch homework on Tuesday as part of wide-ranging reforms aimed at improving standards for over-worked French pupils, especially those in disadvantaged areas.

French President François Hollande potentially won the hearts of millions of future voters on Tuesday when he announced plans to abolish homework and reduce the number of pupils forced to repeat school years.

The comprehensive reforms will also increase the number of teachers across the country, boost aid to disadvantaged areas and target absenteeism. The school week would return to four and a half days rather than four – a change introduced under the former administration as a cost-cutting measure.

“Education is priority,” Hollande said at Paris’s Sorbonne University on Wednesday. “An education programme is, by definition, a societal programme. Work should be done at school, rather than at home,” in order to foster educational equality for those students who do not have support at home., he added.

He also promised incentives for teachers willing to work in “difficult areas”. Children will also be able to attend school at an earlier age in highlighted zones.

Following his election in May, Socialist Hollande vowed to make education a key focus of his five-year term and outlined his proposals in the speech on Tuesday. He has promised to employ some 60,000 teachers over five years, after Nicolas Sarkozy cut tens of thousands of jobs during his own mandate.

French children’s test scores are above the European average, but they suffer some of the longest working days on the continent, leaving school only at 5pm or 6pm.


  1. Janos says:

    I see your point about the employees gviing up their bonuses to the government if you look at it as government property’ and not their wages.’I can’t make the leap that their wages and bonuses go from being their property to public property just because the government decides to stuff taxpayer money into their business. Their wages are their wages, under contract no less, no matter who owns the company. And didn’t you know, that it was Obama, Geithner, and Dodd who saw to it that those employees would get their bonuses by stuffing it into the stimulus bill, that Obama didn’t want anyone to read. The talk from the politicos on both sides of the aisle is feign indignation when they say stuff like you should do the right thing and give that money back.’ What they are doing is just trying to cover their own political ass.The plan was to play out those bonuses already committed and owed, and to change the pay policy going forward. But as the details of the players became known, a whole other can of worms was opened, exposing the character of those involved.The fact that Congress passed such an action against private citizens is preposterous on its own. True, they’re the ones that make tax policy. It’s no wonder we have the tax system we have. But Obama doesn’t have to sign it. He ought to veto it.If we learned anything from this it is this. When politicians can agree to pass legislation so fast that no debate needs to occur, RESIST.